Give Me Love

Give Me Love Album Cover
May 21, 2017
Andrea Dee
Producer: Aaron Knight

Give Me Love is the prime work of emerging artist Andrea Dee. It sits comfortably in the mainstream floating sonically between soft electro pop and adult contemporary elegance.

The record delves  into her deepest thoughts and conceptually leans heavily on self purpose, self-love, vulnerability and passion.
The lead track ‘Give Me Love’ lives in a place of dramatic stillness that musically grinds through dark synths, melodic piano and transporting beats, it sets up the playlist nicely and brings you into Her zone where Andrea holds you  and conveys her stories to you song by song in a very memorable manner. A job well done.

This E.P. is definitely her best work, she lays her footprints in the music marketplace with songs like  “Are we even?”, and ” You got it all” pulling you willingly in to this journey of self discovery.  As a songwriter producer and composer she delivers a piece of art that is really thought out and deliberate. A beautiful listen, a wonderful departure, there is something to be said for an artist that sticks to her guns and keeps working on her craft.

Songwriter: Andrea Damagnez

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