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Andrea was born in Paris with a unconditional love for music.
She started her musical journey at a very young age with her onstage experience being honed and fine tuned professionally in Las Vegas on one of the biggest world stages where she sparkled and proved her worth as a performer. Her passion for songwriting led her to New York city where she released her self-written debut, ‘What About Love’ to astounding acclaim.

In 2012 she lead an indie rock project that embarked on two major tours globally pushed her writing, musicianship and stage prowess to the next level creating a seasoned performer, who now feels at home on the world stage and it shows as she exceeds expectations and draws you into this special experience that stays with you.
2017 sees Andrea Dee coming in to her own and lands her in London ( or as she calls it London-Town ) where she is exploring a significant and well awaited solo project that is sure to turn heads and grab everyones attention.

Her storytelling is pure and relevant and the record sees her producing for the first time on the melancholy personal anthem ‘Give Me Love ‘ that takes you carefully through a myriad of deep emotions sucking you in to this place of wanting and desire that is very much Andrea Dee.

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